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    WELCOME†ON†MY†NEW†WEBPAGES E-SHOP†(as†to†buy,†as†to†pay...)

    Dear Friends, Collectors! Welcome on my new private webpages. You can see my collections of old and new postcards, purchase postcards in my e-Shop, etc.  More...


    Here are details and steps on how to order postcards, how do you pay, how about postage...etc.  More...

    New†postcards†by†J.Schwarz†Edition,†2011 New†postcards†by†NEGO†Edition,†2012

    For sale I offer a new postcards with photos of trips by J.Schwarz in South Pacific, Africa, Caribic.  More...


    For sale I offer new postcards of Djibouti and Ethiopia produced by Pavel and Senait Mikesove.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Malaysia As†to†order†postcards†in†my†e-Shop

    Postcards published in Malaysia and photographed by Dennis Allen.  More...


    Enclosed you please find here a steps of ordering of postcards in my e-Shop. Attached are images so that couldnīt be any problem to purchase postcards in my e-Shop.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Indonesia,†Sept†2012 New†postcards†of†Timor†East,†Sept†2012

    Souvenir set of 16 new very nice glossy postcards in high quality of print.  More...


    Souvenir set of 16 new very nice glossy postcards in high quality of print.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Fiji†by†J.Schwarz Edition New†postcards†of†Bulgaria

    For sale I offer some of new Fiji Islands postcards published in 2013 year.  More...


    Very nice collection of interesting postcards from Bulgaria. Size 11x16cm, glossy, published by UniCart Edition.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Azores†Islands New†postcards†of†Romania

    Very nice postcards published by local edition from Ponta Delgada, Ilhas Acores. Glossy, size 12x17cm. Territory of Portugal in Atlantic Ocean.  More...


    Very nice glossy postcards published in Romania. Size 10x15cm (4x6"). Interesting views of cities, castles.  More...

    New†postcards†of†South†Pacific Chukotka†Area†-†Far†East†Arctic†Russia

    Very nice origin postcards of Pacific islands: Hawaii, Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonie etc. Interesting views of cities, waterfalls, volcanoes, islands, reefs, children, etc.  More...


    Very nice glossy postcards published in Russia. Size 10x15cm (4x6"). Interesting views of cities and towns.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Nigeria New†postcards†of†Belarus

    Thanks to supply of Czech Embassy in Abuja were published new postcards for Nigeria. Photo by Mikeš.  More...


    New postcards of Belarus Republic, standart size 10x15cm (4x6"), glossy, nice views of Minsk and historic places, objects.  More...

    New†postcards†of†Iceland†&†Faroe†Islands Contact address:

    In days 27th June - 20th July visited Faroe Islands and Iceland on my journey with hotelbus by Pangeo travel agency from Czech. Bought there a some postcards.  More...


    Peter PINDAK  
    Lidicka 705  
    CZ-739.61 Trinec 1  
    E-mail: npc@volny.cz  
    Web: www.peterpindak.cz  
    Skype: fousactrinec  
    Phone: +420.736.287.347  

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